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Gemstone University Enrollment Application

To complete your enrollment into GEMSTONE University as a General Education Member (GEM), please fill in the below requested data. Please click to review the description of this membership. After you are a General Education Member, you may then choose to enroll in our Premium courses (State Correction and Estate Structure) at any time, which will have an additional donation requirement. There is a significant amount of materials that relate to the Premium Courses inside the GEM area so that you can build your knowledge about the Premium Courses in order to make an informed decision whether you wish to undertake those courses.

We now have three methods to convey your donation: 1) Postal Money Orders (PMO) for the GEM yearly donation (400 USD) and for Premium Course donations; 2) Bitcoin (BTC) for any type of donation (GEM yearly or monthly and Premium Courses); 3) PayPal for monthly or yearly GEM donations.

With respect to PayPal, we had discontinued using that platform in June 2015. This was based on two points, one being that they had changed their user agreement to give them a claim of use and copyright on materials on sites and businesses that used their platform, and the other based on our move away from using FRNs. Due to many potential members having problems with BitCoin, many did not follow through on their membership. So we have now reinstated the use of PayPal for those who cannot use BTC and to avoid having to send PMOs every month on the monthly plan. We have sidestepped the issue of their claim of use by routing PayPal accounts to a separate account in a stand alone trust under the sole control of the Overseer of the PanTerra D'Oro society without direct link back to our content on the GEMSTONE University site. We still prefer that our members use BTC and PMOs wherever possible, but if you need to use PayPal that is now an available option. Thank you for your understanding.

Instructions and tutorials for BitCoin are available after you enroll that will assist you in making your donation with that platform. For any unique or special requirements, please contact us directly or if you are having any problems in completing your enrollment or donation, do not hesitate to make contact at

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