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Thank you for choosing to become a member of the PanTerra D'Oro Private Society and the GEMSTONE University!   To finish your enrollment process please follow these steps:

Step 1.  You will soon receive an email from us that includes a link that you must use to verify that your email address and account are valid.  If you cannot locate this email, check your spam/junk filter.  Once you have verified your account, you can logon but you cannot access the private educational content until your enrollment and donation have been processed.  If you have any problems with these steps or anywhere along the way until you have full access to the private side of GEMSTONE University, please contact us right away at so that we can assist you.

Step 2.  Most email programs that perform spam/junk filtering have a "White List" of email addresses that are pre-approved.  Usually you can add an entire domain to this list, so add and gemstoneuniversity.orgHere is a tutorial on how to whitelist email within all the most popular email programs.

Step 3.  After you have verified your address and account, the next step is to make your donation using the instructions below. 

Step 4.  Once we process your donation, you will receive a "New Member Welcome" email with useful information to optimize your use and benefits for your membership.  Once you receive this email you will be able to access the private educational content.  Again, if you have any problems, make sure you let us know so that we can assist.  In the meantime, while waiting for your access to be activated, please read the Master Plan and check out our YouTube channel.

One of the items in your New Member Welcome will be the Terms and Conditions you agreed to when joining.  It is essential that you understand the contents of this document, especially the sections having to do with Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure, which we take very seriously.  This means you cannot share any proprietary content with anyone that is not already a member in good standing, so please take the time to review the terms and conditions of membership thoroughly.  However, this does not mean you cannot share with your friends or others about PTDO and GU, or share and discuss what you are learning about the world, history, law, money and other subjects that we cover.  The key is not to share or distribute materials, videos or documents that we have created that you will find inside GU; these are proprietary and are necessary to remain private.  Whatever we choose to put into the public domain has been approved for general distribution (such as on the GU YouTube channel) and progressively more materials will be released to the public.  If you have any question about what is appropriate or not in this regard, please ask either via the admin email address listed above or in one of our various group chats on the Unseen platform (which you will receive instructions as to how to access these groups in your Welcome Package).  As you progress through the content you will learn why there are things we must keep private within our Society.

Thank you for choosing membership in our Society and GEMSTONE University.  We are happy to have you as a part of our growing community.  We look forward to a long relationship together as we build our society and vision, and create our world such that it supports all Life equally.

Best wishes,

Gemstone University Administration

Direct any questions you may have about this process to:

Making Your Initial Donation

As you have seen, you had three choices for your donation: Postal Money Order, PayPal or BitCoin. We only accept PMOs for the full annual membership option and Premium Course donations. If you are using the monthly donation option, you can only do that with PayPal or BitCoin.  Also, please only use PayPal on a limited as needed basis; we prefer the other two options if at all possible. 

Below are the basic instructions for whichever choice you made. You will also receive an email with a link back to this page and a summary of these instructions.

Once your donation is received, you will receive an email with a link that will enable you to activate the account and gain access to the private side of the site.  We will also send a reply email once any money orders are received on our end.  If you do not receive this activation email and our receipt confirmation email within a reasonable time, please contact us at the email address above. If we receive an email from you and do not receive the donation within a week, we will contact you to track it down.  Thank you for your understanding of these procedures.

Postal Money Orders (Annual Membership Donations Only)

When donating with a money order, you can only use those issued by the United States Postal Service or the Canadian Postal Service; you cannot use any other service such as Walmart, 7-11 or Western Union.  For other countries, if you cannot use PayPal or BitCoin, please obtain an international money order payable in U.S. dollars and follow the Canadian instructions below.

  • United States Postal Service Money Orders: Please leave all data blank (payee and transmitter). If you are uncomfortable doing this then choose to use PayPal or BitCoin.  MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT INCLUDE THE RECEIPT OF THE MONEY ORDER WHEN YOU SEND IT.  IF THE MONEY ORDER IS LOST WITH THE RECEIPT YOU WILL HAVE NO WAY TO CANCEL THE PMO AND RETRIEVE YOUR FUNDS.

  • Canadian Postal Service Money Orders: Canada forces you to fill in the payee and transmitter upon purchase.  Payee: Panterra Global Services Association.  Transmitter: Your first and last name.

If you use the PMO option:

  1. Please mail with USPS Tracking so the donation can be tracked.  It is not necessary to have an additional expense with certified or overnight services. 

  2. Include a cover letter or note in the envelope with your given name(s) and family name, the username you enrolled under, the date of enrollment, and your email address and phone number.

  3. Mail to the following (write address exactly as shown):
    PanTerra Global Services Association
    Free Rural Route Delivery
    c/o 305 North Second Avenue, Suite 197
    city Upland, California state of the Union
    DMM & ZIP Exempt, near [91786]

  4. Please do not call us pressing to know if your envelope arrived.  We do not go to the mail service every day, so it might sit there for a few days after arrival.

Once you have mailed your donation, send an email to per the following example:

Example Postal Money Order Donation Email

Subject:  PMO: Initial GEM

Message:  Postal Money Order Donation

  • Initial General Education Membership
  • Amount of the money order in USD (for example, $400.00)
  • USPS Tracking Number: 1111 2222 3333 4444 5555PMO receipt sample
  • PMO #: 987654321
  • Given and family names, eg. John Henry Doe
  • Username: johnnydoe (the username you enrolled under)




PLEASE NOTE: We cannot accept Bitcoin Donations through Coinbase. Their service requires a contract in the public and is contrary to the legal protocols that keep our activities in the private.

If you cannot access the Bitcoin module above and to the left, Panterra's Bitcoin wallet address for receiving Bitcoin is: 1Pqef6VovhHmqBgeBEKAcNErKjnJLYRSLG

If you are already familiar with BitCoin and have a wallet set up, then simply click the BitCoin Donate button in the upper right hand corner of this page for our QR code if you are using a smart phone, or the coded address for our wallet, and make the transfer to our wallet.

If you are new to BitCoin, please click here to be taken to a series of simple tutorials that will explain how you will set up a BitCoin account, generally called a "wallet"; how to load the wallet by converting FRNs to BTC value, and then how to transfer your donation to our wallet. It is very simple to do, and once you have done it a few times it will become second fact, we are sure you will like it better than dealing with the banks! We do!

Once you have sent your donation, send an email notice to per the following example:

Example BitCoin Donation Email

Subject:  BTC: Initial GEM

Message:  BitCoin Donation

  • Initial General Education Membership
  • Given name(s) and Family name, and your Gemstone University username
  • USD Equivalent amount sent in Bitcoin $xxx.xx
  • BTC Transaction Date: 1/22/16
  • Transaction Number (see example below)


  • Your BTC Wallet Address (the sending address) #:  1NHsP16FicQTWXexPxNqzVhdnWs4rbnWqU


PLEASE NOTE: When you send donations through PayPal to, you will get a message from PayPal that says, "You have sent $$ to Steve Gibson...." This is correct and your donation has arrived in the account we have connected with PayPal at this time.

We now accept the use of PayPal - for those who cannot use Bitcoin - for both monthly and annual donations. We prefer that our members use Bitcoin (for annual or monthly donations) and Postal Money Orders (only for annual donations) wherever possible, and if you need to use PayPal, please be sure to select the "Friends and Family" option when sending your donation.

Additionally, when sending funds via PayPal, be sure to denominate the donation in USD. You have two choices when designating the purpose of your payment: (1) Payment for Goods and Services, or (2) Send to Friends or Family.  Since you are making a donation and not paying for goods and services, make sure you choose the Friends and Family option.  This will eliminate the fee on our end. If you send your donation designated as, "Payment for Goods and Services", your donation will be short whatever the amount of the incurred fees. This will show on your next monthly reminder. So, again, for everyone's benefit, remember to, select the "Friends and Family" option when sending your donation. Thank you.

Send your payment to:

In the Note: Include your given name(s) and family name, the username you initially enrolled under, and the phrase "Initial GEM"

Example:  John Doe, johhnydoe, Initial GEM

Click the symbol above to see our BitCoin Info.