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Morning Liberty

Listen to Ken's series of discourses with RJ Hender on the Morning Liberty Show during 2011-2013 as he scans history, law and money through the last 5000 years or so, and shows how it all fits together and how we arrived in our present predicament. btn readMore


Our Mission Statement

The GEMSTONE University is an integral component of a Mutual Benefit Society established to provide education, tools and resources for the members of the society to achieve true freedom in all aspects of their lives.   The first step on this path to freedom is removing the presumptions that attach us to debt and liabilities, bankruptcy and enslavement.  In order to achieve this, one must remove these presumptions and remove presumed consent, as well as step into a jurisdiction that provides safe harbor and haven.  It is the Mission and Intent of GEMSTONE University to integrate and present a comprehensive understanding of How It All Fits Together, all the elements that create our world: history, law, money, jurisdiction, and many more subjects, in an accessible and understandable system of courses, written materials and audio/video presentations. 

The University is part of a larger endeavor, the Gemstone Global Network, that is building multi-media, networking, broadcasting, content development, new economic models, community integration, global action combined with local identities, and embracing the diversity of the world's peoples, cultures and races into a global family.  This global network will be the foundation of our interactive community for social and economic networking, bringing forward new technologies for sustainable living and assistance and support for all who wish to apply their life force energies towards building a new world of freedom, abundance and prosperity, a world that works for all.

GEM: Global Educational Media

Gemstone University Logo

The Gemstone University has been established as the educational extension of the PanTerra Private Contract Association ("PCA") to provide living men and women a venue in which to find guidance and support for education, knowledge development and applications for achieving freedom and liberty in an increasingly restricted and unfree world. As a Mutual Benefit Society, the PCA and the University provide members the tools and resources to assist themselves and each other to gain the knowledge and resources to achieve their personal goals in this context.

There are many types of freedom: financial, spiritual, biological, social, political and others. Our goal is to assist our members to achieve an optimum level of freedom in all of these areas, to achieve peace in our world, for ourselves, our families and our communities and to support the collective of humanity to do the same. Our guiding principle in this context is to Hold As Sacred All Life and to Honor the Life Force in All Beings, and to do that which is always Best for All. This requires a comprehsive and integrated approach.

As we build member services and the university we will assist each other and our world in achieving such goals, established and built on the principle of mutual benefit for the membership and the world as a whole.  Fundamental to this intention is education and the integration of the understanding that comes with knowledge development.  We are guided by the principle that knowledge and information are meaningless and only contribute to the dimensions of the mind as abstractions from the real world.  It is only applied knowledge and understanding as integrated with our true beingness that has practical results in the real world.  We invite and embrace all paths and faiths, and do not purport any belief system or isolate ourselves as separate from all people.  Our intention is oneness and equality, as we all hold within and as ourselves the essence of life equal to all others, and it is only if we apply our knowledge, understanding, resources and capacities to support what is best for all life that we achieve the status of true living beings. Side by side with education, communication via media and broadcasting is an integral part of the model being developed herein so that our achievements can be conveyed and shared with the larger global community.  We welcome all who share these intentions to join us and to build the Gemstone University together.  We are here to Serve the ONE, expressed as the one life force, the One Spirit we all share.  We are all One as the Breath and Spirit of Life, and as spirit by definition we are the breath of life, as we inspire, fill with breath, and become one and equal with life, spirit, substance and all of existence; we all share this common ground in and as the life that we share and inspire together.  Come join us in our journey together back to Life!

STONE: Serving The ONE, in Oneness and Equality

We have used the acronym GEMSTONE as our name, representing Global Educational Media Serving The ONE, with reference to the one Spirit that unifies humanity in oneness and equality. Therefore, we find it incumbent upon us to define exactly what that means in this context and as it is being used.

Service is to be defined as the application of one's own life force in the assistance and support of all life, so that all may be assisted to stand one and equal with all other life on this planet. The concept of service can imply servitude which is not the intention here; therefore, it must be clear that this service we refer to can only be done when one recognizes the equality of all life, so that service to the one is service to the all, as well as oneself.  If we serve life within the principle of doing what is Best for All, then of course we are doing so as being one and equal with that which we serve.  This is the expression of Do Unto Others As One Would Have Done To Oneself.  This is the underlying principle that is referred to within and as the statement Serving the ONE.  This is not the false illusion of "oneness" as a new age platitude, it is an expression of one's being that truly stands one and equal and sees all life as oneself, and that what we do to another we do to ourselves, and what we serve to existence as a whole in equanimity and balance, we provide unto ourselves. 

The encumbrances that currently burden the individual, the family and the nation, are designed to create separation within a hierarchy of power and control, the antithesis of equality.  Yet we cannot stand separate from the "they" of that hierarchy.  We must take full responsibility for what we have accepted and allowed in this world.  By walking that principle of full responsibility whereby there is no external enemy, we empower ourselves to be the capacity to make the changes this world desperately needs.  Ultimately, there is no enemy outside of ourselves, it is our own separation from life and source that has been our manifested participation in the illusions of polarity and is directly responsible for the conditions we find on Earth today.  The educational model and principle of the Gemstone University stands on this principle; if you share it, or would like to learn the fuller expression of it, please join us and open a new doorway in your life!

Seeing Beyond the Veils of Illusion

ManBehindTheCurtain-1The oneness we refer to is not an abstraction or new age platitude, but directs our attention to the fact that all life is inextricably woven together into a unified fabric of being and substance, and unless we stand together in  recognition of this fact, we are doomed to destroy that very fabric and all of life contained therein. Therefore, by our name, we invoke the intent that only knowledge that brings forward real awareness and releases each of us from the bonds of illusion is of primary importance.  The PCA and the Gemstone University are here to stand as a global community and begin the work of repairing what we have wrought on this planet.  Anyone with eyes to see and not blinded with the self-imposed veils of illusion that perpetrate self-aggrandizement and self-importance, can see that our world as it stands today is in a perilous state. Through greed, ignorance and delusion we are rapidly destroying the very fabric of life.

Billions of humans are on the edge of survival, millions and perhaps billions of animal and plant species are disappearing at an unrelenting pace, the oceans, rivers, soil and sky are all decimated and despoiled, and yet we engage self-congratulatory fantasies that we are better than ever and nothing is wrong. On the contrary, the truth is that much is wrong on this planet and we are almost beyond our capacity to retrieve and repair the fabric of life that we have damaged and brought so near to destruction. We must lift the veils of illusion and then lock that door of illusion to seal it forever.  But not in self-denial by projecting our own responsibility outside of ourselves; we must look dispassionately at our own culpability, at what we have accepted and allowed, and understand that we are now in the Age of Consequences in which the veil of separation is steadily lifting to reveal our collective responsibility for this world and the consequences of what will come home to roost if we ignore it any longer.  By so doing we shall never return to this state of maximum separation that is at the root of the problem, as a collective manifestation of each of our own internal separation from the real spirit that is oneness of all life. Unless each of us, and all of us together, stand with and as that oneness of life, we shall surely perish and thereby shall we destroy all life along with us.

Our Guiding Principles

On that foundation the GEMSTONE University is here to serve the one integrated whole of all life, by assisting all members to be aware of the truth in all matters so that with eyes wide open we can see, realize and understand what is really going on here. In that oneness we can stand in equality with life and each other. That equality means there is no hierarchy, no class divisions, no separations of greater or lesser importance, no elite and no slave, no polarity and no enemy outside of ourselves. Indeed, there are no enemies, only opportunities to look within and see who we really are and thereby accept full responsibility for life.

Life is not a resource or commodity to be bought and sold, owned and coveted, measured and monetized, bonded and enslaved, but it is the manifestation of eternity that belongs to all equally as one. Therefore, the GEMSTONE University is dedicated to these principles and is here to provide educational media on a global scale to serve all who serve life in and as what is best for all. We encourage you to consider this deeply and join us if you will.