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Introduction to Gemstone University's Estate Structure Course

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The estate structure course is a complete process to establish a new perpetual estate that follows the same template that the PanTerra D'Oro Society has been built upon, providing a receptacle into which assets and financial resources can be placed to build one's vision, mission and legacy as part of our overall intent to build a new world on the principles presented in this web site and in our private society.  This is a parallel track that one pursues side by side with the Status Correction Course in which one's personal status is corrected as described HERE.  Some may choose to take on the more rigorous requirements of the Status Correction course at this time, or perhaps not at all, and therefore the Estate Structure course is designed to be a stand-alone endeavor to create the private structure necessary to achieve many of the protections and immunities of operating one's affairs in the private rather than as a corporate entity subject to all the rules of the public system.  In the Estate Structure Course our members are assisted in creating their own private society along the same lines as that with which PanTerra D'Oro was created.  This involves establishing a Mission Statement and thus creating one's own future legacy estate as a Mission Society with purpose and intent. Within and upon the foundation of the society an Office is created to hold and accrue current and future assets and financial resources with which to fulfill the intent and mission of the society.  This becomes a new estate that is perpetual and is passed from one generation to the next, one that is transpersonal in the sense that it is not attached to a legal "person" that is owned and controlled by the State and Church structure that currently controls most of the wealth and resources of our planet.   Overall, this integrates a full approach to what most refer to as asset trust-structureprotection, but within a much larger framework in alignment with the principles and purposes of the PanTerra D'Oro Society.

The general term "asset protection" is an encompassing phrase that has many applications including the utilization of business structures and strategies, both national and international. This involves a multi-jurisdictional, multi-layered strategy that often includes international structures for business requirements. To meet such international business requirements, various entities in multiple jurisdictions are created to integrate a comprehensive strategy for any type of endeavor. This effectively separates liabilities and functions.

One component of this strategy and structure is learning how to operate from the position of "own nothing, control everything", standing as the conductor in the middle of a multi-faceted orchestra of your own design. This allows for a seamless interface between the public and private when the need to engage in commerce is present, and much more.

This is presented as a complete course for those with any or all of these needs to integrate along with one's private status, or as a stand alone structure.  The key is that by and through the applications and construction of a new estate structure in the private, one can separate assets and endeavors from the public system and the status of being a bonded surety to a bankrupt franchise, and build any type of intention, both big and small.  This can be as simple as building a private enclosure for a family estate, or building a small, medium or large organization for projects, communities, farms, agricultural cooperatives, healing centers, launching new technologies and anything else that can be imagined.  The key is to remove one's activities and intentions from the corporate public system where all the controls, regulations and suppression exist, to build a new estate free of entanglements and encumbrances.   This can accomplish both the needs and requirements of a private family estate as well as the application of a Mission Society.  The Estate Structure Course will guide PanTerra D'Oro members through the learning and fulfillment of this process, within our unique environment of mutual support and benefit, where our members do not just receive a few documents and pieces of paper, but a real education along with guidance, support and fellow members with common ideas that can work together in such an environment as only a private society can provide.