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The GEMSTONE University (henceforth "GU") is an integral part of PanTerra Private Contract Association and all participants are members thereof.  The following constitutes the articles of association for the University and the PCA; by entering the web site for the first time and continuing to use it thereafter, every member agrees that he or she has read the following and are in contractual agreement under these private articles.

1. The GU is a private contract association styled as a Mutual Benefit Society and is only available for access and use to members in good standing of the PanTerra Private Contract Assocation.

2. The GU provides educational content, media, live and interactive communications between members and other forms of community development; it does not provide legal or accounting advice and does not operate in commerce or the public.

3. The GU adheres to and is in strict conformance to the principles and tenets of the PanTerra PCA to provide members knowledge, insight and understanding for each member to apply as he or she so deems appropriate and proper for their own individual and private affairs.

4. The use and/or application of any information and understanding gleaned from the contents of the curriculum of the university is strictly within each member's self-direction and is the self-responsibility of each member;  all members agree to hold harmless and indemnify PanTerra PCA and the GU, its members, associates, boards of directors and other associated parties from any claim as a result from such use.

5. As a Mutual Benefit Society the GU strictly adheres to the principle that all members are here within to assist and support each other in their pursuit of solutions in each others lives to step into life as prosperous, productive, healthy and free members of the society and the world at large. All members commit to the principle that they shall not purposefully cause harm to themselves, each other, the society or the world at large, and shall utilize the contents herein for peaceful and productive purposes to be part of building a new sustainable world that is best for all and supports all life on Planet Earth, and should harm be caused inadvertently with the applications of knowledge and awareness gained herein, shall immediately apologize for such harm to the offended party(ies) and seek to redress and correct the mistakes and results caused there from.

6. Should any harm or issue come about between members requiring resolution, the members agree to submit such issues to a board of arbitration within the PanTerra Ecclesiastical Court made up of members of the society as a jury of their peers and shall settle all such disputes or issues peaceably and take as binding the conclusions of the board that hears the matter.

7. All standard universal principles of non-disclosure shall apply to the materials and content of the university, and all members agree to not expose the university content to non-members and shall not attempt to sell or convey such content for profit or gain.

8. Every member of the society, by their entry into and use of the university and its contents and materials agrees, understands, consents and affirms that all written materials, audio and visual content, conversations, discussions or other communications spoken, written or otherwise transferred and or received are not legal or tax advice, legal or tax instruction or otherwise in any way construed to be such. The members agree and understand that any and all such audio/video material, paper work or oral instruction given and/or received or otherwise disseminated by any member of the society is done ONLY at the voluntary participation of the members and only for the development of knowledge and understanding as to the available rights, remedies and other solutions to the members' personal and private affairs, and that such are undertaken and conveyed solely as part of the mutual benefit principles of the Private Contract Association, and to be applied by each individual as per their own personal self-responsibility in choice and application thereof.

9. The members understand and agree that all activities of the PCA are private and not of a commercial nature or in the public venue. The members have voluntarily sought out the PanTerra PCA and GU for assistance because of, in, or for situations each member has solely encountered on and by their own actions. Every member understands that the conditions of their public, commercial, financial or other affairs are the result of their own actions and take full responsibility as such, and shall not blame or accuse any other member of responsibility for their lives or the results of any actions or situations previously undertaken. All members affirm that they undertake any and all decisions or actions as a result of the content and materials of the GU pursuant to their own self-directed choice and personal responsibility and are fully and wholly responsible for any and all results obtained thereby.

For further detail regarding the PanTerra PCA, the PanTerra Ecclesiastical Court and responsibilities of membership see:

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