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What is our current status within the public (corporate/statutory) venue and jurisdiction and why do we want to correct it? 

What will one achieve by walking through and completing the Status Correction Course? 

In short, status is everything.  Without status or standing we have no capacity to effect change for ourselves or within our society and world.  As things stand today, by an incremental and insidious process engaged for over two hundred years, Americans and all other nationalities have been placed into a position of being nothing more than indentured servants and debt slaves to a corporate machine that is intent on owning and controlling the world, and in the process destroying virtually everything in its path in its lust for power and control.  Is this the world you wish to leave to your children and generations to come, or do you want to be part of the solution and change this madness?  Have you been frustrated by years of banging your head against the proverbial wall in attempting to discharge debt or follow processes such as the so-called Secured Party Creditor only to find that it was another dead end street with empty promises, or to achieve that elusive mountain top of freedom and sovereignty?  Well the reason none of it has worked so far is that we lacked Status, Standing and Capacity.  Without that, we can effect nothing, and we are fooling ourselves if we think we are free or that we have achieved something real. 

Get off the ship of StateTherefore, we are pleased to announce the completion of the study, research, trials, road tests and integration of the PanTerra D'Oro PCA Status Correction Course available to the private members of our society.  The Course will provide the tools, education and specific processes and templates to convert your status to that of a free living being.  What is necessary to achieve this is the complete severance of the contracts and private structures that bond and bind us to perpetual debt.  A being in debt is not free.  They are indentured by definition and are bankrupt, and a bankrupt has no standing.  Without standing you have no status and cannot state a claim.  Without the ability to state a claim you cannot claim a free hold on the soil, substance and land of our country, and therefore, by all definitions in law and historical constructs in this world, you are therefore nothing but a landless peasant, a serf that will toil the rest of your life for your master who will hold all the equity, the substance and the capacity to do with such as he will, for his own account and for no one else. 

In the Status Correction Course you will learn the history of how this came about.  You will come to understand the underlying root cause in history, law and contract jurisdiction of how this was achieved and how it can be undone, permanently and completely.  Once undone, you will have standing, status and capacity and from that point forward you can effect real change in this world, which is the foundational principle of the PanTerra D'Oro Society.  You will also learn how to constrain public servants and put them back into the status they should occupy, which is as a voluntary indentured servant to fulfill the public trust.  Today, the politicians, judges, clerks and the like are anything but servants of the public trust.  They are self-serving sycophants that accept the benefits and profits of office as they serve their higher masters, willing to rape and pillage as the foreign invaders that they are (enemies foreign and domestic) and lay our country and this world to waste for their short term gains.  With standing, status and capacity one can constrain those gone wild with power and greed, and bring them back into conformity to perform their offices as they should.  It is the people who have that capacity, but most do not know they are not "the people" anymore, merely persons operating as franchises in a bankrupt system.  If you wish to change all of this, for yourself, your family and our country, and to change the course of our world, then come join us and take a walk on the private side of Life.