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Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it.
Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.
As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live.
Knowing is not enough; we must apply.   Willing is not enough; we must do.
Correction does much, but encouragement does more.

None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free!

Every day we should hear at least one little song, read one good poem,
See one exquisite picture, and, if possible, speak a few sensible words.
Magic is believing in yourself; if you can do that, you can make anything happen.
Nothing is worth more than this day.   I love those who yearn for the impossible.
All the knowledge I possess everyone else can acquire, but my heart is all my own.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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The PanTerra D'Oro Private Society (PTDO) was founded twenty years ago and over the intervening years, we have engaged in a process of steady research, study, building, and maturation. We have now arrived at a significant landmark in our process, at a simultaneous moment of great events unfolding in our world. We have traveled and traversed through many challenges, always emerging on the other side stronger, more focused and refined, more integrated with our ever-growing unified field of members joined together on a foundation of shared purpose and intent, our wills sharpened and unstoppable, to bring forward the manifestation of our Master Plan to build a better world for all Living Beings. We have refined our organization and have built great teams for many of the administrative and management tasks that stretch out before us, and we have now taken up a new name that better defines our passion and our commitment to this task – PanTerraVida Private Society, a House of Peace and Society for Life (see below for detail).

We are seeking others to join us on our grand adventure, those who have a passion for knowledge, truth, and wisdom as to how our world really works and how we can use this knowledge and understanding to build real solutions. We are seeking those who have a sense of purpose along with that passion, who have dreamed and envisioned their entire lives, knowing that there is something more that we can do to change our lives and transform our world. We would like to invite such beings to have a look at what we have achieved so far and what our future plans and intentions are. We are seeking those who have skills, expertise, and personal intentions to be part of this grand endeavor of transforming our world from one of lies, deceit, poverty, disease, environmental destruction, and dysfunctional social, political, and economic systems, to a world that works for all beings and all living things. In short, we wish to join with all people, organizations, and endeavors who share our purpose and intention to see this world transformed in our lifetimes to become Heaven on Earth and Earth as Heaven.

If you are such one, please review the instructions below and submit your application for membership. You have one of two choices available right now, which is to start at our basic level (GEM) or if you are ready to fully engage and take the first steps to become a Full Participation Member (FPM) you have that choice available right now as well. The third choice as a PEARL member will be available for all GEM members during the first quarter of 2023 (as further described below). Read the instructions and details carefully to know what each choice entails.

Please note that we are in full swing with the implementation of our plans and building our systems and organization. This is happening on many fronts and will provide better functionality and systems for our online processes. We are also beginning a long-awaited task, which is the building of new websites, that will integrate more efficient systems for data management, automated functions for the entry of new members, and much more. Thus, during the months of November 2022, December 2022, and January 2023 our follow-up for new FPM submissions will be slower. The simple steps for entry to be a GEM member are fast and efficient now and more will be added for those new members, as described below.

We are enthusiastically expanding our search for qualified men and women to become members of our Society. We are reorganizing our systems and our administrative capacities so that we can properly manage the new influx of members while we begin the process of building the necessary foundational details and infrastructure.

We do not require any base fee or donation to be a member at any level. But there is still a "price of admission" for those who wish to apply to be FPM members, which consists of the following four elements:

  1. Your Being
  2. Your Passion
  3. Your Commitment
  4. Your Brilliance

By "Being" we do not mean you are giving us your Being or your Soul and we now own it or you (as some have questioned). It means you are fully present and committed to be here with us, to engage and participate in the work ahead of us and that along with your Passion, your Being is present, it is committed, it is fully enthusiastic to be part of this grand adventure and you are seeking Excellence and Brilliance as your pathway in Life.

Are you such a Being? Are you here showing up with Passion and Commitment to be part of something extraordinary? Are you striving to manifest the best you can be, to bring forth your Brilliance to do things never before achieved and barely imagined by most? If so, then we would like you to consider being part of what we are creating and we invite you to submit a few simple items of information necessary for us to consider you for membership in our Society.

The PanTerraVida Private Society is a Mutual Benefit Society where we see value as what a Man or Woman can contribute to the Society as a whole and to the world at large, rather than in the measure of "money". We recognize that money is not the value; rather that we, the Living Beings comprising the membership of PTV, are the real value. And, of course, all beings in this world are equally the value as part of living creation. We have undertaken many projects all over the world, including the creation of a Media Platform to bring forward the best in free communications and media for education and project development.

We are securing land to build Land-Based Communities all over the planet where we will build communications systems as hubs of the GEMSTONE Earth Media Alliance (GEMA), studios for the production of content for such media, and healing and rejuvenation centers. In addition, we will build Living Universities in these communities to serve as gathering places of the best hearts and minds from around the world to break down boundaries and expand our horizons into a new reality of brilliance and fulfillment. We now have the means to underwrite all of this and much more; all we lack are enough beings of integrity to bring forward their Being, Passion, Commitment, and Brilliance to engage their knowledge and skills to help make this intention a reality.

Please read the following three sections to fully understand our Three Levels of Membership. You can then click on the link to go to our first step for member enrollment for GEM and FPM levels, whichever is right for you at this time. 

The Three Levels of Membership

(Click each of the sections below to expand)

A GEM member is for anyone who wishes to access our intended online university, GEM.University, is now open to all general education members, which are the entry-level materials that have up to this time only been available to our private members inside the private access website for GEMSTONE University (henceforth “GU”). Concurrent with and associated with the GEM level of membership will be the entry point into the GEMSTONE Earth Media Alliance platform and websites, formerly referred to as GGMA. You may start as a GEM member, and at any time, if you complete the New Member Questionnaire (NMQ) process, you can upgrade your membership to that of a PTV Full Member, toward becoming a Full Participation Member (FPM). If you do wish to do that after starting as a GEM member, just go to the Full Participation Member tab below, fill out that form, download the NMQ Package, and follow the instructions regarding how to complete this application.

The GEMA platform will take longer to build, but we do intend to have a first stage website up and functional within the first six months of next year, perhaps sooner. When completed the GEMA platform will be a distributed, decentralized architecture worldwide. It will be built with the most advanced technologies for the most secure, private, and robust media platform imaginable. Every GEM member will be provided a personal Home Page that can be custom designed and individualized with many building blocks, modules for personal design in areas of education, media, social interaction, communications, marketplace, private monetary issue within our private jurisdiction, and much more.

It will be a totally interactive and dynamic system that integrates the best of currently existing technologies and user interface designs, with proprietary technologies and architecture unique to our system. Every Home Page can be custom designed by the GEM Member and will include private banking and many features of monetary, financial, and exchange functions, to be applied within the private system with both privacy and full transparency integrated together, based on our law form and applications therefrom such as private societies, contract associations, and estate protection structures. In short, we intend to build the world’s most advanced and comprehensive system of data information, media, communications, and marketplace. All of this and more will be part of the GEM level of participation, which will be accessible and available to anyone in the world.


The PEARL level of membership is our next step for those who wish to engage a proactive involvement in our worldwide projects and active building of a new world system. The anagram name for this level is PEARL, which stands for PanTerrans Entering a Real Life because our foundational principles are based on real work in the world as the doorway through which we walk back into Life out of the holographic simulation we have been existing in, known as the Matrix. We strongly stand on the principle that education and passive media is not enough, either as a personal path to freedom or as a means to create a new reality and world in which all living beings have the inherent capacity to be free.

There are four to five billion people in this world that do not have truly balanced and stable lives, which of course was purposefully created by the negative forces that have controlled our world for eons of time. They are no longer in control and now we can begin the work to build our world in the manner and upon the principles that we choose and direct. Proactive involvement in this, in our perspective, is required to direct oneself into a Real Life. Therefore, we will sometime in 2023 provide the details of how any GEM PTV member can take the steps to get proactively involved with our work. This will provide new opportunities to grow, expand, learn, and enjoy life for oneself and one’s family in entirely new ways, while at the same time, serving the needs of the greater good for all people in the world.


Our GEMA platform and system will be built on individual member participation. It is to be a nodal system in which every member will host a node as a unit of the decentralized, distributed model worldwide. Every member will have the opportunity and ability to build value in their own private estate and trust account structure with our private monetary issue currency known as, of course, GEMS. This stands for the Gemstone Equity Manifestation System. Each GEM member is of course a GEM in more than one way.

We see the unique brilliance of every Living Being as a gemstone, a living gem, equated in worth beyond any measure of old paradigm monetary systems of control. As we leave the constraints of the old world behind, we can create value and have that value reflected in a monetary issue that reflects our inherent capacity to create and co-create our own reality in a world that is best for all living beings, systems, and things. And we can issue a currency that is directly reflective of the inherent value of every living GEM as a member of the PanTerraVida Society. There is much more to describe and detail with this, and that will be emerging soon in the months to come.


Over many years and with many challenges to overcome, we have developed the detail of what we now refer to as Full Participation Membership in the PanTerraVida Private Society, and this is the third level of involvement in the society. In brief, this is a step that one takes when they wish to fully engage a deep immersion in the study of law, monetary systems, history, and other related subjects, and apply these to one’s own life in real and practical ways. It involves a full commitment to bring one’s Being, Passion, Commitment, Brilliance, and Excellence forward and to be a part of the PTV Society that goes beyond the GEM and PEARL levels. This includes doing the Status Correction process and learning how to teach others in these subjects, as well as being an integral part of the active process of building our projects, systems, administrative structures, and society organization. One can take the step to apply to be an FPM at any time, and the full instructions and details are provided below. If this is not for you at this time, and you enter as a GEM, you will receive a PTV member number and at any time in the future you can apply to begin the steps to be an FPM.


As described above, sharing and engaging your Being, Passion, Commitment, Brilliance, and Excellence are the requirements for Full Participation Membership. The Commitment is to Oneself, to the PTV Society and to the World. This may take many forms, so it is not a box into which we wish to fit anyone. However, consider that the following are fundamental elements of that Commitment:

One must have the willingness to "face oneself", which means undertaking the personal work of self-transformation through physical healing, emotional clearing, and spiritual awakening. A central focus of our work together and within our land-based communities will be this process of inner work and transformation. It entails the willingness to see oneself as greater than the programmed and robotic self that we became within the Matrix as a strategy of survival. It entails letting go of outmoded belief systems and working through patterns and trauma that have kept us entrenched in limitations for this life and many previous lifetimes.

Such willingness requires the cessation of hostilities and by "Going to Peace", both within and without. It requires letting go of the Enemy Construct through which we project our own inner wounds and schisms onto the externalized hologram to polarize with something outside of ourselves (which is really just a reflection of the polarity within) and make it one's "enemy". It involves seeking and sustaining resolution. One must have the Commitment to work together with other members and organizations throughout the world that are now or will become strategic alliance partners. This includes the willingness to apply your expertise to the work ahead or to acquire new skills and knowledge necessary to contribute to building a new world reality of Life that is best for all.

One must also be open to learning new things and breaking out of the patterned inertia of programmed stagnation that limits one's perception of reality. This involves the commitment to engage the educational material in GU that we have built over decades and through that process, to learn the truth of our world, its history, its lies, and its hidden agendas, but also its immutable truths and the magnificent potentials to be realized when we walk out of the sea of confusion and the realm of the dead onto the Land of the Living.

In practical terms, full participation means being part of the administration or projects or building of systems that will make our plans and intentions come alive and into manifestation. It involves proactive engagement, not just armchair lassitude that results in the inertia of impotence and disempowerment. It involves taking up one's own true power and authority with the clear knowing that in fact we create our own reality, and thus we can and will re-create this world, as we apply our Directive Principle to do so (comprised of Will, Purpose, and Intent). Further, it involves doing the work in our Status Correction course to correct one's status from a bonded surety attached to a bankrupt franchise, to that of a truly free being with Status, Standing, and Capacity. It involves walking the true path out of the Matrix and into Life that we have pioneered and are continually refining and perfecting.

In addition to Status Correction, Full Participation involves engaging in the Estate Structure course wherein each member creates a new Estate into which we place and build our true legacy for ourselves, our families, and future generations in a private jurisdiction not subject to public codes, statutes, controls, limitations, and restrictive systems. If this describes who you are and what is in your heart and desires, then we encourage you to take the steps to join us. Once you are a member, you can join various PTV teams and projects around the world with other members and our strategic alliance partners. Every member will be assisted to remove all of the elements of bondage from themselves and their lives by removing all debt and attachment to the Babylonian Money Magic System. Once you have done this, you can build new estates that reflect your true being and intentions whereby the entirety of your life force is directed to building life-affirming creation. To ensure this is accomplished, we give all FPM members access to the Status Correction Study Portal within the Society Private Site where they can study and learn the Status Correction material and become familiar with the steps to actually go through the process.

Each FPM member will sign a contract as a Full Participation Member that will include the commitment to undertake the study of the combined courses of Estate Structure and Status Correction. Once a member feels that he or she is ready to actually engage in the steps to correct his or her status, they will then be able to request to take the assessment/competency test which will verify commitment and competency to complete the course. In the Estate Structure course, every member will be able to establish their own society, estate, and auxiliary entities (trusts and private associations) to hold assets, projects, land, and other building blocks of a new life, including the use of our private banking and monetary system that are held within the private and protective enclosure of our private jurisdiction.

This includes being able to use the resources of the PTV Society and the structures of one's own society to implement projects and endeavors that will contribute to the larger whole while fulfilling one's individual dreams and visions. As a fully vested FPM of the Society, you will be assisted in the evaluation of your personal estate as it currently sits, so that you can expeditiously move out of the debt matrix and become both solvent and fully supported so that you can engage fully with the plans and projects of the Society without limitations.

So, if you feel that you are ready to join us as a Full Participation Member, follow these steps to get started to make your application.

Please note that you may start your journey as a General Education Media (GEM) member (see its section above for details). The Full Participation Member enrollment process via the New Member Questionnaire (NMQ) is quite lengthy, between completing the Essay and Questionnaire, and the time for those to be evaluated by our Evaluation Team. Therefore, if you fill out the application form for FPM, and you would like to start as a GEM, please respond to the first automatic email that you receive in acknowledgment of your application, and state that you would like to start as a GEM member, and you will be enrolled as a GEM member, and after that, you can complete your NMQ documents in your own time.

Preparation and Review (Click the links below to be taken to each page)

In preparation for what is ahead of you regarding full membership with the PanTerraVida society and as a student of Gemstone University, while you are waiting for us to evaluate your Essay and NMQ with your application, use the waiting period to view and read the below items as a foundation of your education:  

  1. Read the PanTerra Master Plan. This is an old version and we are in the process of updating it, but the essence of our vision is very much shown in this document. There are new elements for us to add, and there are a few outdated items in this current version, but reading it allows the reader to get a good feeling of our intentions as a society to build a new world.
  2. Read and/or listen to the book “An Overview of the World System of Bondage and Separation from Life”. You can find a copy of it in both PDF versions to read and audio (in mp3 format) versions to listen to. This book lays a significant foundation for all of the material you will then access as a student of Gemstone University.
  3. Read the new Peoples Declaration of Peace and Sovereign Integrity and the updated version of the PanTerraVida Declaration of Intention.
  4. Watch/listen to the interviews of Kenneth Scott, House of Cousens with Kelvyn Alp of Counterspin Media. (Please note that the PanTerraVida Society has now separated from the Kingdom of David, so keep that in mind when viewing these conversations) Also of note, YouTube and Rumble censored video #2 on this playlist. You can view it separately by clicking here.
  5. Listen to the series of interviews of Kenneth Scott, House of Cousens with Sean Maguire of Out of the Bag Radio.
  6. Watch further content on the Gemstone University YouTube Channel, such as the series “How It All Fits Together”, which is also a little old, lays another sound foundation for this information. We have more of the pieces now, too.
  7. Watch a recent interview of Kenneth Scott, House of Cousens with Seal Josephson of Nexus TV, “The Secret History of Law and Humanity.” This lays another foundation of true history, and how things really happened.
  8. Go to and read our foundational documents. These are all in the name of PanTerra D’Oro but remain the foundations of our Society. New advanced and integrated documents will be developed in the near future.


Updated November 22, 2022

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To be a member of the Gemstone University, one must be a member of the PanTerraVida Private Society and Private Contract Association ("PCA"). This is accomplished in one step when one selects the Membership Application button on the left-hand side of our home page and takes the steps to become a member and thereby gain access to the private side of Gemstone University. btn readMore


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