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Full Participation Member (FPM) Application


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The PanTerra D’Oro Private Society (PTDO) was founded twenty years ago and over the intervening years we have engaged a process of slow and steady study, research, building, and maturation. We have now entered into a new phase of development and implementation process for the Society and have arrived at a significant landmark in our process. We are pleased to announce that we have secured the necessary funding to begin to implement our Master Plan and mobilize other significant projects and intentions.

Due to this, we are seeking those who have a passion for knowledge, truth and wisdom as to how our world really works and how we can use this knowledge and understanding to build real solutions. We are seeking those who have a sense of purpose along with that passion, who have dreamed and envisioned their entire lives, knowing that there is something more that we can do to change our lives and transform our world. We would like to invite such beings to have a look at what we have achieved so far and what our future plans and intentions are. We are seeking those who have skills, expertise, and personal intentions to be part of this grand adventure of transforming our world from one of lies, deceit, poverty, disease, environmental destruction and dysfunctional social, political, and economic systems, to a world that works for all beings and all living things. In short, we wish to join with all people, organizations and endeavors who share our purpose and intention to see this world transformed in our lifetimes to become Heaven on Earth and Earth as Heaven.

As of August, 2022, we wish to make it clear that our Evaluation process will slow down slow due to the significant administrative processes that are about to be engaged. We will not be processing or evaluating any applications for at least 60 days. Therefore, from our initial response to your correctly submitted set of documents, which will notify you that we received your application, and it is in order, you will not hear from us for at very least, 60 days. This does not mean we do not appreciate your applications, we absolutely do. We are enthusiastically expanding our search for qualified men and women to become members of our Society. We are in a continuing effort to reorganize our systems and expand our administrative capacities so that we can properly manage the new influx of members while we begin the process of building the necessary foundational details and infrastructure. This will help our growing team to be able to handle our expanded plans, and with all of this, to upgrade and manage, our Evaluation and Enrollment process. Because of all of this, it will take a little longer than is optimal, but we will do our best to get back to you as quickly as possible, so please be patient. It will be worth it.

We are ending our former requests for financial donations for membership and our premium courses (described below). We no longer need such donations at this time or ever again. But there is still a “price of admission” for new members, which consists of the following four elements:

  1. Your Being
  2. Your Passion 
  3. Your Commitment 
  4. Your Brilliance and the never-ending pursuit of it in all that you are and in all that you do

And by “Being” we do not mean you are giving us your Being or your Soul and we now own it or you (as some have questioned).  It means you are fully present and committed to be here with us, to engage and participate in the work ahead of us and that along with your Passion, your Being is present, it is committed, it is fully enthusiastic to be part of this grand adventure and you are seeking Excellence and Brilliance as your pathway in Life. 

Are you such a Being? Are you here showing up with Passion and Commitment to be part of something extraordinary? Are you striving to manifest the best you can be, to bring forth your Brilliance to do things never before achieved and barely imagined by most? If so, then we would like you to consider being part of what we are creating and we invite you to submit a few simple items of information necessary for us to consider you for membership in our Society.

The PanTerra D’Oro Private Society is a Mutual Benefit Society where we see value as what a man or woman can contribute to the Society as a whole and to the world at large, rather than in the measure of “money”. We recognize that money is not the value, rather that we, the Living Beings comprising the membership of PTDO, are the value. And, of course, all human beings in this world are equally the value as part of living creation.  We have undertaken many projects all over the world, including the creation of a Media Platform to bring forward the best in free communications and media for education and project development. We are securing land to build Land-Based Communities all over the planet where we will build communications systems as hubs of the GEMSTONE Global Media Alliance (GGMA), studios for the production of content for such media, and healing and rejuvenation centers. In addition, we will build Living Universities in these communities to serve as gathering places of the best hearts and minds from around the world to break down boundaries and expand our horizons into a new reality of brilliance and fulfillment. We now have the means to underwrite all of this and much more; all we lack are enough beings of integrity to bring forward their Being, Passion, Commitment, and Brilliance to engage their knowledge and skills to help make this intention a reality.

Would you like to join us?

To do so, during this hiatus period, please take the following steps:

Preparation and Review

  1. Please read the PTDO/GGMA Master Plan:
  2. Please read the document Overview of the World System of Bondage and Separation from Life:
  3. Listen to all segments of the recent interview with kenneth scott (Overseer and Co-Founder of the PanTerra D’Oro Private Society) by host Sean Maguire (and more to come in the first week of every month)
  4. View other videos as you wish on our YouTube channel:
  5. View interviews of Kenneth Scott by Counterspin Media. These are very significant discussions. Click here:
  6. Review the content of our Public Notice page at with specific attention in the Foundational Document section (Declaration of Intention, Articles of Establishment of the Court of the Ekklesia, etc.).

Membership Application

Please follow these four steps for your application:

  1. After reading through the rest of this document, we would like you to provide some basic information about yourself by filling out the simple form in the section entitled Your Personal Information.
  2. After you click on the “Send My Enrollment Application” button below, the next page displayed will include a download button for our New Member Questionnaire (NMQ) which will give you the opportunity to share with us who you are, why you would like to join our Society, and what you would like to contribute to the Society and our Master Plan.
  3. The NMQ includes writing an essay for which we have provided some guidelines and questions that will help you formulate the writing. It is important that you make the essay unique and your own, and tell us about who you really are as your Authentic Self. Be sure to tell us about your dreams, passions, visions, and key events in your life that have formed you to be who you are today. Many of our current members have written their essays and report that it was one of the most revealing and cathartic experiences they have had in coming to understand who they are and what is their inner nature, purpose in life, and future dreams.
  4. When you have completed the NMQ, please return it to us at your convenience. You will find submission instructions and the email address in the NMQ package. We will confirm receipt of your application and will be reviewing all enrollment applications during our hiatus period. We will respond to you as soon as your application is fully processed and then set up a phone interview. Please allow at least 60 days for us to do this as we are now very busy with all the work that has begun for the PanTerra D’Oro Society, but it could be sooner and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

There is no rush so take your time and we will be here when you are ready.

The basic criteria for membership is full participation in our programs, processes, and projects. If you are interested only in educational content, then do not fill out the form in this document, and do not submit the NMQ application materials; instead please check back within the next three months, during which time we will be posting a link to a new web site that we will establish to provide access to our educational content on the GGMA web site. Our General Education Membership (GEM) is being moved from the Gemstone University (GU) platform to the above-mentioned new GEMSTONE Global Media Alliance (GGMA) site and will be free to all who wish to access it, and will eventually be part of our integrated Media Platform that will be built over the next one to two years. So, if you are interested only in our Foundational Education, you may sign up there as soon as we have the GGMA website and platform up and running. All of the material that—up until now—has been available in the GEM portal of GU will be moved to GGMA and will be available to all members of a to-be-established Private Society for the GEMSTONE Global Media Alliance, also at no monetary cost.

When launched the GGMA platform will offer the opportunity for everyone to share videos, audio, articles, etc., with the world, as a truly free, uncensored, and unlimited platform for media and education. In addition, GGMA will create documentaries and report truthful news—and much more—within the GEMSTONE Broadcasting Network! Indeed, if you are interested in Media Production, this is absolutely the place for you!

What Is Full Participation?

As described above, sharing and engaging your Being, Passion, Commitment and Brilliance are the requirements for Full Participation Membership. The Commitment is to Oneself, to the PTDO Society and to the World. This may take many forms, so it is not a box into which we wish to fit anyone. However, consider that the following are fundamental elements of that Commitment:

  1. One must have the willingness to “face oneself”, which means to undertake the personal work of self-transformation through physical healing, emotional clearing, and spiritual awakening. A central focus of our work together and within our land-based communities will be this process of inner work and transformation. It entails the willingness to see oneself as greater than the programmed and robotic self that we became within the Matrix as a strategy of survival. It entails letting go of outmoded belief systems and working through patterns and trauma that have kept us entrenched in limitation for this life and many previous lifetimes.
  2. Such willingness requires the cessation of hostilities and by “Going to Peace”, both within and without. It requires letting go of the Enemy Construct through which we project our own inner wounds and schisms onto the externalized hologram to polarize with something outside of ourselves (which is really just a reflection of the polarity within) and make it one’s “enemy”. It involves seeking and sustaining resolution.
  3. One must have the Commitment to work together with other members and organizations throughout the world that are now or will become strategic alliance partners. This includes the willingness to apply your expertise to the work ahead, or to acquire new skills and knowledge necessary to contribute to building a new world reality of Life that is best for all.
  4. One must also be open to learning new things and to break out of the patterned inertia of programmed stagnation that limits one’s perception of reality. This involves the commitment to engage the educational material in GU that we have built over decades and through that process, to learn the truth of our world, its history, its lies and its hidden agendas, but also its immutable truths and the magnificent potentials to be realized when we walk out of the sea of confusion and the realm of the dead onto the Land of the Living.
  5. In practical terms, full participation means being part of the administration or projects or building of systems that will make our plans and intentions come alive and into manifestation. It involves proactive engagement, not just armchair lassitude that results in the inertia of impotence and disempowerment. It involves taking up one’s own true power and authority with the clear knowing that in fact we create our own reality, and thus we can and will re-create this world, as we apply our Directive Principle to do so (comprised of Will, Purpose and Intent).
  6. Further, it involves doing the work in our Status Correction course to correct one’s status from a bonded surety attached to a bankrupt franchise, to that of a truly free being with Status, Standing and Capacity. It involves walking the true path out of the Matrix and into Life that we have pioneered and are continually refining and perfecting. In addition to Status Correction, Full Participation involves engaging in the Estate Structure course wherein each member creates a new Estate into which we place and build our true legacy for ourselves, our families, and future generations in a private jurisdiction not subject to public codes, statutes, controls, limitations and restrictive systems.

If this describes who you are and what is in your heart and desires, then we encourage you to take the steps to join us. Once you are a member, you can join various PTDO teams and projects around the world with other members and our strategic alliance partners. Every member will be assisted to remove all of the elements of bondage from themselves and their lives by removing all debt and attachment to the Babylonian Money Magic System. Once you have done this, you can build new estates that reflect your true being and intentions whereby the entirety of your life force is directed to building life-affirming creation. To ensure this is accomplished, we give all PTDO Society members access to the Status Correction Study Portal within the Society Private Site where they can study and learn the Status Correction material and become familiar with the steps to actually go through the process. 

Each member will sign a contract as a Full Participation member that will include the commitment to undertake study of the combined courses of Estate Structure and Status Correction. Once a member feels that he or she is ready to actually engage in the steps to correct his or her status, they will then be able to request to take the assessment/competency test which will verify commitment and competency to complete the course. In the Estate Structure course every member will be able to establish their own society, estate, and auxiliary entities (trusts and private associations) to hold assets, projects, land, and other building blocks of a new life, including the use of our private banking and monetary system that are held within the private and protective enclosure of our private jurisdiction. This includes being able to use the resources of the PTDO Society and the structures of one’s own society to implement projects and endeavors that will contribute to the larger whole, while fulfilling one’s individual dreams and visions. As a fully vested member of the Society you will be assisted in the evaluation of your personal estate as it currently sits, so that you can expeditiously move out of the debt matrix and become both solvent and fully supported so that you can engage fully with the plans and projects of the Society without limitations.

Notes About Your Data and Application

Often when we register for a website or enroll for a service, we are used to employing standard tactics to protect our privacy, such as fake names and phone numbers. With PanTerra D'Oro Private Society, the situation is different. If accepted, you will be joining a Private Contract Association and Private Society, which is dedicated to guarding your privacy and will not, and actually cannot according to our own law, share your information with anyone else without your express authorization. Additionally, as you will come to find out, our knowledge of law, contract and jurisdiction establishes our ability to maintain protections and immunities for our members. Privacy is the highest order of principle and focus in our Society. Additionally, we are a Society working together to become truly free, which includes being free of paranoia, so hiding behind a pseudonym is contrary to our purpose.

And of course, our knowledge in law is a significant part of our Society, and within that knowledge we have established the PanTerra D’Oro Private Society as a truly private jurisdiction and sovereign body politic. We are learning together how to apply knowledge to achieve true freedom, which is one of the cornerstones of our education and solution-oriented processes. We refer to this as “Freedom Absolute”, which means freedom from all bondage and constraints, not just legal or monetary freedom. This is why we have a strong emphasis on the inner work to achieve this true freedom. Ultimately, we are building a co-creative society that works and plays and creates together, so we only want to have those join us who are here to be real and authentic and live Life with new parameters and understanding, which includes truly knowing who we are together and with each other. So, please know your data is protected and secure, and in order to best assist you as a new member, and to work effectively with the other members, we need accurate data information, as follows.

Names: We need to be able to locate your information easily and to keep it accurately in our records when you are accepted as a member, so for your given name (first name) enter how you prefer to be addressed (for example: Dave instead of David) and use your full family name (last name);. There is no need to use punctuation marks that you may have in your prior days in commerce (such as hyphens between first and middle names and colons.

Phone Numbers and Email: We need a phone number to have direct contact with you during the evaluation process. As to email addresses, you can start with whatever address you currently use, but after you become a member you will be guided to set up an account on a private encrypted communications platform that we use for administrative purposes. We will soon also have our own private and proprietary email platform within which every member will have a free address to use for all purposes.

Please fill in and submit the data fields below, then click the Send My Enrollment Application button at the bottom.  The next page with the NMQ download zip file will then appear and you can download the file.  Follow the instructions in the file and submit the documents as instructed when ready.  We will be in touch with you as soon as possible via email or phone.  We appreciate you taking the time to do this and we look forward to speaking with you soon.

Your Personal Information

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The name by which you prefer to be called. Please use upper and lower case.

Please enter the last name!

Your last or family name. Please use upper and lower case.

This must be a valid email address.

The email address you wish us to use for communications. PLEASE DO NOT use a Gmail address. Gmail rejects our messages so communication to Gmail addresses is not possible.

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Select Yes if you have previously had access to the private pages of GU but let your membership lapse.

PLEASE NOTE:  The PanTerra D’Oro Society is "Private” while being fully transparent.   Private means not within the jurisdiction of the public, corporate, domestic, federalized systems.  We are not a secret society that hides away and in order to fulfill our mission and intentions in the world, it is required that we be fully transparent.  That doesn’t mean that all of our affairs, documents, or records are open to the public.  Quite the opposite.  In fact, the Overseer and all office holders, agents, representatives, and members of the Society are bound by a Covenant of Silence (Click this link and refer to item #15).

This Covenant is protected at the highest level of law and rights and cannot be pierced or forced to be open or exposed.  It states that all books, records, documents, accounting, and any other element of the private records of the Society are protected under this Covenant.  If the Office Holder, or any other party, including all public actors and officials, breaches the Covenant, a lawfully applied charge of $10M dollars of silver shall be applied.  This has been invoked several times in the public and has always stopped any further inquiry.  Thus, all records are private in the Society, while our affairs, acts, deeds, and projects, along with whatever elements of publicly recorded documents, are fully transparent.  We have nothing to hide, but we protect our private status.

In the NMQ Package documents you will see that we want to know who you truly are and ask you to write a personal essay and a document entitled MyGift.  The essay is maintained privately within a small circle of our new member administrative team, but is not generally published inside the Society and is never released or shown in the public.  The MyGift document is a short and concise presentation done however you wish to do it, that presents you to the rest of the members, and is not intended to expose personal data or records, but is for you to decide what you would like your fellow members to know about you, with an emphasis of “What is your Gift as yourself both to the Society and this World”.  We present ourselves to each other so that we know who is in this society and so that we can work together in a real way, not anonymously.  We are very much in the public in the non-legal sense, and we are here to make a difference in this world!  By selecting the “Send My Enrollment Application”, you are agreeing to the principles set forth above, and other terms within the Panterra D’Oro Society and Private Contract Association.

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