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What does the General Education Membership ("GEM") provide?

The General Education Membership ("GEM") provides full access to all general educational content on the private side of the web site, not including the two premium courses.   The GEM modules include: general education, library, articles, research resources and tools, and all curricula and content currently on the site and scheduled for development.  Our GEM courses are constatntly being developed and expanded.  One such course pertains to the specifics of how every PanTerra D'Oro ("PTDO") member will be set up with an account in several alternative currencies and each member will receive multiples of every dollar of donation in one or several new currencies, as well as guidance on how this will enable PTDO and the membership to mobilize projects, achieve debt elimination and other benefits.

Please be advised that the GEM membership does not include the two Premium Course donations. There are additional donation requirements that can be donated all at one time if this is affordable to the member, or with extended terms that fit the budget of the member.  The current donation rates for the premium courses are: 1) Estate Structure: 2,500 USD equivalent, and 2) Status Correction: 5,000 USD equivalent.

Additionally, we have several group forum chats, networking and other social interactive media in place and being advanced as part of this General Education level of membership.

Participation in Building the PanTerra D'Oro GEMSTONE University & GEMSTONE Global Media Alliance

We are now beginning the development, construction and launch of the GEMSTONE Media Alliance, Broadcasting and  Network as part of our Master Plan.  This system will be fully integrated with our educational and media intentions as an integral part of membership co-creation and co-partnership.  PTDO is a mutual benefit society, thus the best way to maximize one's benfits from membership is actually to be proactive in participation with the creation of our larger mission and purpose.  If you have not reviewed it yet, please have a look at the Master Plan, found on the public side of the GU site as well as on the landing page when you enter the GU private member site. 

Curriculum and Educational Content

We are continually building and expanding all key areas of the curricula for GEM, including law, history, origins and structure of commerce, monetary systems, and all key elements that have built and structured our world.  Another key area of focus in GEM is that of health, healing and rejuvenation; our goal is that our members move themselves and their lives into a transformation of their lives to become stable and balanced in primary matters of importance, starting with understanding and implementation of correcting one's status and protection within legal and monetary context, and then of course attaining the same in matters of one's health and well being, so that we can be sound in legal and financial terms, and  in the most important area of our well-being and health of our physical embodiment.

Collaborative Interactive Content and Curriculum Building

As our membership and community grows, we anticipate members to contribute to the interactive content and bring their visions, mission purposes and practical applications into the process of curriculum building and development.  As a member, you are a co-creator and active participant!  We look forward to sharing and working together for our individual and mutual benefits, support and vision manifestation.

Join the movement!

This is your Society and University to build and develop.  Come join us and help make this university and community a rich and fulfilling endeavor for all involved.

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