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Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it.
Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.
As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live.
Knowing is not enough; we must apply.   Willing is not enough; we must do.
Correction does much, but encouragement does more.

None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free!

Every day we should hear at least one little song, read one good poem,
See one exquisite picture, and, if possible, speak a few sensible words.
Magic is believing in yourself; if you can do that, you can make anything happen.
Nothing is worth more than this day.   I love those who yearn for the impossible.
All the knowledge I possess everyone else can acquire, but my heart is all my own.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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To strive for an ideal that
     Many say is impossible
Is our Noble Intent and is
     Exemplary in Expression;
To live every moment as if the
     Life Force in all things matters
Is our foundation in such expression;
     To pierce the veils and
See beyond all limitations
     Is to know that we are limitless in capacity;
To hold in our Hearts the
     Integrity of all Life is to
Walk on this Earth
     As one would walk On Sacred Ground;
To never hesitate,
     To teach excellence,

To share insights,
     To touch hearts and
To enliven minds is the fulfillment of such as this,
Our Noble Expression

TS Eliot HowFarOneCanGo

Our Noble Expression is our firm and resolute commitment to stand as a beacon of Truth, Awareness, Clarity, Intelligence and Action in this world.  We have worked diligently and long to uncover the real truth as to our life and existence in this world and to never cease in our endeavors to bring forth these principles in practical manner so as to provide a source and resource that others may utilize in similar pursuits, for those who choose to persevere in their quest for truth by piercing the veils of ignorance, lies, obfuscation and distortion until such obstacles are penetrated, obviated and dispelled and clarity and understanding emerge victorious.  We consider this a great and noble deed no matter the risk...

It is Part of a Good Man [and Woman] To Do

Great and Noble Deeds

Though He [or She] Risk Everything


We consider that human kind has inherent within its true beingness and nascent expression the capacity to rise above the din of cacophony and confusion in this world to realize such great and noble deeds, therefore we look to this nobility of expression in all beings...

What a Piece of Work is a Man [and Woman]

How Noble in Reason, How Infinite in Faculty,

In Form and Moving How Express and Admirable...

                                                                                 William Shakespeare

Further to that, we understand that to fulfill our intentions to see a world that is best for all beings and all life, it is not enough and will never be sufficient to look only to our own goals and well-being, for it is when we stand together and know that we are never complete unless and until all men, women and children have lives of integrity and fulfillment and are safeguarded in their inherent rights, that we approach the horizon of Noble Expression...

Safeguarding the Rights of Others is the

Most Noble and Beautiful End of a Human Being

                                                                                    Khalil Gibran

For to not strive beyond the small self to see equity done in every corner of our world is to not see the True Self living within, which can only be found by real work, real action, real substance, in the Noble Expression of never ceasing until the work is truly done...

Better Not Be At All Than Not Be Noble

                                                                                  Alfred Lord Tennyson

In this we resound our Authentic Self by never losing sight of this Purpose and Intent that we have set for ourselves, renewing it every day, in every act and deed, in every manifested expression, in every noble cause to see justice done...

What is Enthusiasm but a Passionate Belief in

What Seems to be a High and Holy Aim -

An Unselfish Devotion to Some Noble Cause -

A Consecration of Heart and Mind and Soul

To the Attainment of a Great Object?

                                                                                   Orison Swett Marden

Equally, we find that ignoring the inner landscape that is inclined to martial passion, projected outward, manifested in endless battles big and small, lost in endless engagements with every weapon we can muster from within, never realizing that it is with ourselves that we so engage, never realizing that for every little battlefield of heart and mind there is a contribution to the greater whole of a world facing its own self-annihilation by means of engines of war so horrendous, so callous, so devoid of responsibility for Life and the Living, so opposite of true strength in its delusional and impotent belief that weapons of war equal noble character, that we include therefore, in this quest for Our Noble Expression, our own Self-Responsibility in creating the entirety of the conditions we see displayed before us, and thus....

Let Us Not Listen to Those Who Think We Ought to be Angry

With Our Enemies, and Who Believe This to be Great and Manly.

Nothing is So Praiseworthy, Nothing so Clearly Shows

A Great and Noble Soul, as Clemency and Readiness to Forgive.

                                                                                      Marcus Tullius Cicero

In all of this it is action and doing that is real.  Dreaming and imagination are empty unless we substantiate them in fact and fulfillment, thus we do not tarry in self-congratulatory narcissism and therefore labor daily and ceaselessly until such dreams and ideals are made real....

Do Noble Things, Not Dream Them All Day Long

                                                                             Charles Kingsley

And when we change within ourselves, we turn the external world from dream-like illusion into practical reality, then we direct purpose and passion and precision of noble thoughts into the expression of our own hearts in action without a moment's hesitation as to the superficial opinions of others who have long forgotten what it means to be truly human and truly fulfilled....

Be Noble Minded!

Our Own Heart, and Not Other Men's Opinions of Us,

Forms Our True Honor

                                                                               Friedrich Schiller

Therefore, it is our True and Noble Expression to set our Intent, to enliven our Purpose, to establish our Ideals and to build well-founded methodologies to make such as these real by the sheer boldness of our Hearts and Minds without fear of what is unknown for such fears do not exist when we are committed and resolute in our Will to fulfill what we have set out to do....

It is Better by Noble Boldness

To Run the Risk of Being Subject to Half the Evils We Anticipate

Than to Remain in Cowardly Listlessness for Fear of What Might Happen


Therefore, Choose Wisely What You Focus Upon, for.....

That Which Is Broken Can Never Be Fixed, and

That Which is Real Can Never Be Broken, so

Focus on What is Real and the Rest Shall Fade Away!

Our Guiding Principles

On this foundation the PanTerra D'Oro Society and GEMSTONE University are here to serve All Life, by assisting all of our members to be aware of the truth in all matters so that with eyes wide open we can see with Real Eyes what is truly going on here in this world. This means there is no hierarchy, no class divisions, no separations of greater or lesser importance, no elite and no slave, no polarity and no enemy outside of ourselves. Indeed, there are no enemies, only opportunities to look within and see who we really are and thereby accept full responsibility for what we have wrought in this our Home, this world that belongs to All Life.

Life is not a resource or commodity to be bought and sold, owned and coveted, measured and monetized, bonded and enslaved; it is the manifestation of eternity that belongs to all. Therefore, the GEMSTONE University is dedicated to these principles and is here to provide educational media on a global scale to serve all who serve Life. We encourage you to consider this deeply and join us if you will.

If we serve Life within the principle of doing what is Best for All, then of course we are doing so as being part of that which we serve. This is the fuller truth in the expression "Do Unto Others As One Would Have Done To Oneself".  This is the underlying principle that guides our Society and University, as an expression of one's being that truly sees All Life as one's True and Authentic Self, and that what we do to another we do to ourselves, and what we express in real terms for this Life and existence as a whole, in equanimity and balance, we provide unto ourselves. 

If we focus our creative capacity to the enticing illusions of endless struggle, battle and war, as if they are a means for solution, we merely continue to create it and substantiate it, thus our truest and noblest expression is to focus on what we wish to build and create, and to fortify that focus with knowledge, comprehension and substantiation within ourselves first, so that we can hold the grounding for such to be made real. 

The encumbrances that currently burden the individual, the family and the nation, are designed to create separation within a hierarchy of power and control, the antithesis of Life.  Yet we cannot stand separate from the "they" of that hierarchy.  We must take full responsibility for what we have accepted and allowed in this world.  By standing on the principle of full responsibility whereby there is no external enemy, we empower ourselves to be the capacity to make the changes this world desperately needs.  Ultimately, there is no enemy outside of ourselves, it is our own separation from Life and Source that has been our manifested participation in the illusions of polarity and is directly responsible for the conditions we find on Earth today.  The educational model and foundation of the PanTerra D'Oro Society, the GEMSTONE University and Global Media Alliance stand on these principles as our Choice and Noble Expression.  If you share it, or would like to learn the fuller expression of it, and are ready to help us build and realize it, then please join us and open a new doorway in your life!

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